Sir James Jeans, Scientist, Philosopher and Musician. Through Space and Time in the first half of the 20th Century

Authors: Alexander Kozenko & Christopher Jeans

296 pages with 200+ illustrations.

Dimensions: 26×18.5cm


ISBN: 978-1-5272-7855-4

RRP: £25

Sir James Jeans (1877-1946) has been described as “a mathematician, astronomer, physicist, musician, a brilliant writer and lecturer, one who could truly be described as a Renaissance man”.  He was “a giant in an age of gigantic developments in science and he had a great and honourable share in the making of that age”.

Who was this man and what were his achievements?

This biography describes Jeans’s contribution to science, astrophysics in particular and takes you behind behind the scenes of a very private and shy man. It describes the major role his two wives Charlotte Mitchell (1877-1934) and the musician Susi Hock (1911-1993) played in his success. It brings together three families: The Jeanses with their newspaper background, the Tiffanys of New York jewellery fame, and the Hocks, a notable Viennese family. It describes Jeans’s background, his private and professional lives, and details the development of Cleveland Lodge, his home, as an international musical centre. The book is profusely illustrated using contemporary photographs from the family albums and other sources. It includes the most comprehensive bibliography of his writings, published and unpublished, that is available.

Table of Contents


Growing Up in the 19th Century

Newspapers and the Jeans Clan

Cambridge 1896-1905

Princeton and Marriage to Charlotte Mitchell 1905-1909

Cambridge and Dorking 1909-1919

The Royal Society and The Royal Astronomical Society 1919-1929

Stellar Dynamics

The Twilight Years, Popular Writing and Public Outreach

A Musical Marriage, Susi Hock

Boxhill Music Festival

Physics and Philosophy

The Final Years

Cleveland Lodge, its Fate

Kozenko’s Scholarly Biography


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